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I Looks like my PC psu has died , anyway it’s a good excuse to buy and build my first PC . Don’t want to spend no more than 1000 £. Any ideas what hardware I should buy. I was thinking intel i7 6700k cpu, z170 pro mobo, probably hyperx savage 32 gb ram, 6 gb Nvidia GeForce gtx 1060 , 480 gb hyperx savage ssd , crosair 650 cs series psu . Cougar challenger case, few other bits and bobs. To buy this computer is about 14,00£ I can build for a grand. What you reckon? Pc will be mainly after effects , photoshop but generally will be using it for day to day stuff. Probably don’t need it this powerful cos AE and PS is just a hobby. Maybe I don’t even need computer with this high spec

lol i’m using similar PC for creating AE templates :
i7-6700k + air cooler Scythe Ninja 4,
32GB Crucial Ballistix 2400Mhz (2x16)
Asus z170 Pro Gaming motherboard
Case Zalman Z9 Neo white
500GB SSD Samsung Evo 850 + 120GB OCZ SSD for AE cache
gpu old NVidia gtx 760 2GB

For games and hobby work you could save money and buy i5-6600, 16GB ram, 240SSD (for system+software)

How much that all cost, did you build yourself?

yeah i builded it myself.
In my country (Slovakia): CPU + cooler + motheboard + SSD Samsung 500GB + 32GB ddr4 + case: 850€.
I upgraded from AMD FX 6300, so i used ssd 120gb, GPU, PSU and HDD for data from my old PC.

Please don’t forget that your PSU (PowerSupply inside the case) is a very critical component.

  • It should be 80+ Certified
  • And it must have protection for:
    • OVP
    • UVP
    • OPP
    • OTP
    • OCP
    • SCP

A quality PowerSupply will keep your computer’s hardware stable and protected against bad surprises. Maybe they are a bit expensive but it will absolutely worth it in the long run.
Buy a quality product from a company that has credibility when it comes to PowerSupplys
i.e. CoolerMaster, Zalman…

Thanx for that, noted

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Power Supply… Simply the most important investment when it comes to hardware :slight_smile:

@Bedros I’m using 5 years old CoolerMaster RS600 W ( >85%, not certificated) for 45€.
No problem with i7 6700k overclocked @ 4,4Ghz + gtx 760 .

Coolermaster is good :slight_smile: (Mine is Gigabyte ODIN 800W ; a fantastic PSU) Glad to hear that everything is fine with your PSU, but the certifications are a “plus” AND a MUST in my humble opinion. Each extra dollar (or euro or whatever) you give to your PSU will turn back as years of consistency. :slight_smile:

finished my first computer build, surprisingly easy, few minor problems.

Cougar Challenger case
Gigabyte z170 mx gamming 5 mobo
Intel i7 6700k Skylake
Corsair H80i V2 AIO Hydro/Water Intel LED CPU Cooler Radiator
HyperX Savage 16GB 2X8GB Dual Channel DDR4 2133MHz PC4-17000 DIMM Desktop
Gigabyte G750H 750W Full Modular Gold Standard PSU
ASUS PCE-N15 300Mbps PCI Express WiFi Adapter
500 gb Samsung SSD (win 10 install)
salvaged the 500 gb HD and DVD rom from old computer

Cost so far without the GPU is about £900

computer is silent and very fast, boots quick , takes seconds to get into the desktop

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