Advice for PC configuration.Help!

Hello everyone.After a really long time without beeing able to work because of eye
surgeries,finally im ready to try continue,despite all the time and changes i need to catch
up.Anyway,i have to get a new or secondhand PC to start with.My budget though is quite lower than what i need,im aware of it but this is all i have.My places to purchase it from also are limited.
So,my choices are between two configurations right now and i will be very gratefull if you give me advice which of those two will do better job for Motion Graphics and Video Editing.Which one will have faster work and render capabilities in After Effects.
The First will be new PC and the second is used renoveted workstation!

New configuration.

Intel Core i5-9500 (3.0GHz)

MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Aero ITX OCV1

16GB DDR4 3200 Team Group Elite Plus





Dell Precision 5810 (190815)

Intel Xeon E5-2630 V4 (25M, 2.20 GHz, до 3.10 GHz)

AMD FirePro W5100 (128-bit, 4GB GDDR5)




Thank you very much in advance for any advice or comment about my issue!
Appreciate your help!

best regards,
Plamen Cvetanov.

If the choice is between this two, I will go with the first one but make sure It has 32 GB Ram because after effects speed depends mostly on RAM.

yes i agree about the ram.thank you for your advice!

I’d go for the second one. RAM and processor are better in the second, GPU is better in the first, but I’d rather have better RAM and Processor if I’m working in AE.

thanks very much.i hope there will be at least few more comments so i can decide.


Last time I choose AMD. :cactus:

  • The first processor has a significantly faster clock speed (+41% with benchmarks showing +49% scores) which will make the entire system feel faster and more responsive. That’s what will affect your boot times, how fast apps open, how fast buttons respond etc.

  • The second processor does have more cores and many more threads with its lower clock speed. Multi-threaded operations like rendering will typically see more performance overall with this.

  • 16 GB of memory may not be enough. Adobe uses the disk as “virtual memory” when there’s not enough physical memory for its operations. Especially with a SATA SSD, this virtual memory is very very slow and will annihilate performance.

  • The first motherboard seems to only have two memory slots. If you get lucky and it comes with a single 1x16GB module, you can upgrade it to 32GB easily. If it comes with 2x8GB, then your wallet is not going to be very happy if you decide to upgrade :sweat_smile: