Help for Upgrade my PC and Audio Device

Hi colleagues, I need yours help for upgrading my pc.
I have about 500$ to upgrade my pc, wich the best choice for me:
Buying Processor i7 7700k or 7600k + 16gb ram? (just 16gb I have for now).

And another situation:
I have old m-audio usb device with unstability driver problems…
So i have suggestion to buy new device!

I’m looking for Presonus Studio 68 (about 300$) its good enought for music production and guitars record?
Or I have to extend my budget for more expensive audio device like “Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB” (about 450$)

The main requirements for my needs: dc power supply, good headphone outs level for my (250ohm headphones) and less lentency for records.

Cheers :wink:


Hi mate!
Which CPU do you currently have?

If you want a nice CPU for music production, then pay more attention to a single core speed. Not to core count.
Effects on a single channel are processed in series (each effect waits for a signal from a previous one). So a channel is processed by a single core. This is why I was kinda disappointed when bought AMD Threadripper 1950X :blush:
So it is better to get 7700k (4.2GHz per core) than 7600K (3.8 GHz per core). Also, 7700k has more threads.

Are you unhappy with the latency on your M-Audio interface?
Most likely you will increase your system performance by buying a new CPU, not a new USB interface.
CPU is responsible for all the processing.

As an option, you could get 7700K + some entry-level Focusrite interface. So it’s around 500$ in total. I read some reviews, Focusrite manufacture some great things for the money you pay.

You wanted to get more RAM. Do you often feel its deficiency while producing music?

“The main requirements for my needs: dc power supply”
Do you need a new PSU too?

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Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

Because of my 6700 is out of service I’m using budget G3900 for internet surfing and this one doesnt serve even for running sequencer!
I’m thinking about 7700k or 6700k therefore.

And yes, I’m unhappy about m-audio, this is the old audio interface and I have blue screen at the time a making the record or eq in sequencer becuase m-audio stoped support my device since 2012…

Last one, I’m talking about power supply for audio interface! Usb power doesnt make a good enought headphone output level.

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The 7700 processor will be enough for writing music, but I would take i9, RAM 16, it’s very small … at least 32, and better 64. As for the sound card, ideally it’s better to take UAD or RME, but also the focusrite is quite will cope with its task.

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Probably you could search on Ebay and get a decent used powered audio interface and a CPU for +/- 500$ in total. Depending on where you are located, it could be better to search your local aftermarket sites. You could save up to 50% while getting the same thing. CPUs and USB Interfaces are hardly wearing out.

Extra RAM is probably not the most urgent thing you need right now.

Just curious, what happened to your 6700? As far as I know, CPUs are rarely breaking down, being probably the most indestructible element of a system.

Yeah I thinked about it :slight_smile:
I don’t know, just got blue screen several times and never runs pc after that problem, changed cpu and no more problems… 2 years of using and after that I got breaking down cpu 6700, mistery for me too!

500$ it’s just for PC upgrade, for usb interface I have other budget :smile:

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Wow! Then you can definitely afford some great gear buddy! :smile:

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