Complete overhaul of my business...

Well I’ve done it after much gnashing of teeth…

I’ve registered my Exclusive account portfolio with AdRev, made the edits and am preparing to upload 100+ track to my PRO.

I’ve also re-branded both my exclusive and non-exclusive accounts with new graphics and artwork that give me a more modern and solid identity (I hope).

Tracks have been moved or deleted and my re-brand is across all platforms that sell Woodmill tracks.

I’ll also be registering my non-exclusive account portfolio at some point but for now, at least, I’m pushing forward with a renewed positivity and energy.

I’d appreciate any feedback on my new branding :slight_smile:

Onward dear friends, onward…

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I think you did a great job on the branding, as you put it - it’s solid :wink:

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This is a great effort ! + :rocket:

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