New Name and Rebrand

Hey Junglers!

I’m excited to share my new name and logo. (I used to be IsaacMMusic/IMSoundDesign/had a terrible red logo)

I am now called LumberSound and shall be uploading weekly.

Please let me know what you think (Including negatives, I’m a big boy)

Cheers guys!


yes, mate. looks clean and solid. good luck!

Thanks mate :sunglasses:

Hi @IsaacMMusic. I follow @TallSoundBar, looks nice and clean. Maybe you should change the black background to a fresh colour, otherwise it looks at the first sight if you write metal, not corporate​:grinning::grinning: But just my oppinion.

Cool name and logo. Easy to remember and visualize. Good luck with the new identity :slight_smile:

Thanks @FOXYAudio ! Maybe I need to make some more ominous corporate tracks? :joy:
I may change the colour to suit individual tracks which would be pretty neat I reckon

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Thanks @MidnightSnap I may need it :sweat_smile:

I really like your logo!

Corporate for the gangland :sunglasses::smile:

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Thanks @BlueSkyAudio ! :smile:

Nice rebranding, good luck with sales!

Cheers @rgba_design !

Very nice, I like it!