Name change and profile update!

Hi guys!
I got new page and brand name so all of you who knew me as CalvinKleinberg, im now "Mega-Music"
This is the profile :

I hope you like it! :smile:


Looks good man!

Yay! Can’t wait to see your things!

Awesome! Nice name and branding! I might be changing my username soon, too! :wink:

Thanks guys!
Well i decided to do that becase “Cavlin Kleiberg” was my DJ/Producer name in EDM scene and it just doesn’t belong here because few reasons…It’s too complicated name, needed something simple and what really works here…Some of my friends suggested me to do this and i must say, that was on my mind too.So i decided to change whole brand :smile: I hope this will positively affect my sales :smile:
@JamesVMusic Your profile is looking great, you got nice Logo and name :smile:

Awesome name and avatar! :+1:
If your username isn’t updated in forums yet (as I can see), try signing out then sign in again, that worked in my case.

Thanks for the tip mate.I was also wondering why it doesn’t change :smile:
Thanks to the @n2n44 ,he was a designer! :smile:

hi buddy, so pls feel free to contact me when u need lol :wink:

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i wish u all the best Nikola / Calvin / megamusic lol , not only professionally speaking but also personally if u know what i mean :wink:

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Haha yes! You too m8 :smile:

hit your music now buddy :wink:

Hey Calvin, Good name and nice Design, very pro ! Cheers :wink:

Thank you man :slight_smile: All credits belong to : @n2n44 :smile: