Company with no responsibility for sales

A little more to make a purchase, Publisher - Newspaper Magazine AMP, the item no longer available!

Envato mediates the sale, but is not responsible for it!

We do not have contact with the author and the envato says that does not make the refund in these situations and neither credit!

And now, what should we do? Do we really lose money?

Hello, you already opened another topic regarding this:

Please wait for Envato Support reply, they told you to wait until they contact the theme author.

I understand you are upset, but having this attitude does not help.

Just have a look at how my themeforest downloads page looks like (how many themes were removed):

Still, I have all the respect for Envato as market and company.

So if you already are discussing this with Envato Support, I repeat, please wait for their reply, they will contact you soon. Opening many topics on the same subject does not help you or other buyers or other authors.

Thank you for your understanding!


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