Commercial quality standard required

Hey folks,

Recently my records were rejected with the reason that they do no meet commercial quality standard required.

Could anyone help to find out what are these requirements?
The track I posted was the one below:

Not meeting commercial requirements is AudioJungle’s blanket statement for hard rejections and it usually either means there’s a major issue with the mixing/composition of the track or that the reviewer does not believe the track will sell well on the platform (it doesn’t have a wide enough use, it’s too similar to other tracks, it’s not a sought after genre, etc.) in the case of this track I think that more than likely the issue is the track itself. It’s very well done and sounds of good professional quality but frankly it’s just not very useful in commercial application. People shopping on AJ are generally looking for background music that they can use in a variety of commercial applications such as ads, videos, etc. This works really well as a standalone song, theme song, or possibly even something you might hear in a video game title screen but it doesn’t have a lot of commercial value as background music and AudioJungle is probably not the best platform for this type of music. I hope this helps.

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Thanks for explanation, that makes sense. And I actually received explanation from AJ later which says the formats are wrong. However I triple checked the file formats, and everything seems to be correct. Besides I have Joint Stereo for MP3, can this be issue?

AJ’s response is as follows:
Your submission is not in the correct format. All submissions must have an audio resolution of 16-Bit Stereo, with a sample rate of 44.1kHz. /n All main files in mp3 format must have a constant bit rate of 320kbps. /n There are no exceptions to this rule. Please bounce/export your audio again making sure your file is in the correct format as per our requirements.

Is there a way to ask questions related to submission directly to AJ? I couldn’t find such an option.

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Unfortunately there isn’t a way to ask them directly as they would get spammed and overwhelmed by all of the people who’s submissions have been denied. I believe joint stereo may be the formatting issue. I upload all of my submissions in a Wav 16 bit PCM format so I’ve never run into that issue but I think I recall someone else having that issue in the past.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try.