Come and join the Envato Author Community page on LinkedIn!

Hi all! Earlier this month we launched a new Envato Author Community page on LinkedIn, providing a new way for us to publish author stories and articles on trends and customer demand.

Importantly, it also provides an official way of showing how you work with Envato, separate from the employee-focused “Envato” company page.

How do I link my profile to the new page?

Under the Experience heading on your LinkedIn profile, add a new section that includes the company name “Envato Author Community” like this:

Here’s an example from one of the first Authors to join our new page, so you can see how it will appear on your profile

Once you have connected to the Envato Author Community page you will see regular tips and tricks to help you fine-tune your business, plus stories and profiles of influential Authors from around the world to keep you inspired.

Can I just follow the new page instead?

Of course! If you link your profile, you’ll automatically follow that page and see updates in your news feed. If you’d prefer to just follow the page instead, simply click the “follow” button on the page:

Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 2.20.15 pm

This means that you won’t list us in your Experience section, but you’ll still see our updates.

I’m already connected to the “Envato” company page - what should I do?

If you already have a work history section on your LinkedIn profile that is associated with the main Envato company page, please update this to connect it to the new Envato Author Community page instead. We have designed the Envato Author Community page to be the best way of representing our Authors on LinkedIn, while the original Envato company page is intended for our direct employees and contractors.

Teams at Envato use our employee data to benchmark the company, and see how we’re performing compared to other technology companies. Currently, the data from our main company page is a mixture of employees and Authors, so it’s difficult to use this effectively. Separating our Staff and Author data will make this data far more useful to all the teams that use it.

Now that the new Author Community page is up and running, we’ll be working with LinkedIn to limit access to the main company page. Anyone is welcome to follow that page, but only staff members should list “Envato” as their employer. For all of the many Studio, Market and Elements Authors who earn by selling items or services through our platforms, linking your profile to the Envato Author Community page is a more accurate way of representing this.


We’re already up to 2,147 people following the new page in two weeks, and 459 Authors have connected with the page by adding a new Experience / Work History item to their profile. That’s huge!

We can still grow further though, particularly among those who currently link to the Envato staff/employee page.

If that’s you, I recommend updating your profile soon - you can keep the same Experience item, and just change the company name:

Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 2.41.10 pm

If you have any questions about how (or why) to do this, please let me know and I can help you out.

If you’re connected to the new page and you would like to share your profile link here, please feel free - I’d love to see more examples of how people describe their work on LinkedIn.