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Our LinkedIn Author community is the newest place for you to connect with Authors around the world and gain tips and tricks for maximising your portfolio.

If you join, you will have exclusive access to:

  • Interviews with high profile Envato Authors
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Check out the original post Ben made that outlines how to add the Envato Author Community to your LinkedIn profile.

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Already joined. Love contents, but want more regular updates.
Hope all the Authors will join there.


Thanks so much for your feedback. We’re so glad you’re enjoying our content and will continue to try and post more and more!

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Thanks, but it’s impossible to do. LinkedIn is blocked in Russia.

Sorry for you :disappointed:

The link has been broken kindly check it

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Thanks for letting us know, @WordpressRiver! This has been fixed now.

Still Broken!

Oh dear! I think it’s fixed now. Thanks for checking again!