Combine 2 or more videohive items as a bundle

Hi, I am interesting on creating a bundle-sale item using 3 after effect templates.
I am not really sure if or how this can be achieved!
All of them already share a similar name (color it) and looks like they could fit in a bundle.
So my 3 items are:

Those 3 items are exciding the 3GB file size limit.


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Items may be sold individually, or as a bundle, but not both. You may certainly bundle these items into a single pack, but please be aware the individual items will need to be deleted from your profile first.

It’s also important to note that by deleting these individual items, customers who purchased the templates will no longer have access to the files within their downloads page, which may cause it’s own set of problems.

If you decide to bundle these items, please make a note to the reviewer that you’ve deleted the original items from your portfolio, so that everything can be double-checked.


Thanks for quick replying.

So I will have to delete all 3 items - resubmit - wait approval, right?
If thats the case then I will bump on the 3GB file size limit cause as I mention my items are +/- 2GB each!
Maybe thats not the case.

in Graphic river, bundled items can be sold as standalone too.


Different markteplaces may have different rules regarding bundling. As of right now, VH currently does not allow the combination of the same items being sold individually and bundled at the same time.

Regarding the 3GB limit being exceeded, we do occasionally allow exceptions to that rule if the item quality is high enough to justify the larger file size. Of course, there are limits to that, and authors should still do everything they can to keep the file sizes at manageable levels.

For example, we have customers from all over the world, and some buyers, depending on their location, may struggle to download a 9GB file.

I think my case is “closed” now!
I have all the information I needed.


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Pixamins ould to mind sharing exactly was there any solution or you just skipped it or whatever it is, as am planning the same.

With Regards,
Protar Smith

Hi protarsmith,
MR did suggest a solution a but in my case the 3 templates I needed to merge would exceed 6GB so I quit the idea.