Can I upload my 4-5 items as 1 single item?

Hi everyone.
Can I upload my 4-5 items as 1 single item? Like a bundle, library etc…
But! The items in sale now on market.

thank you!

I’m not sure if this is legal. Your best bet is to ask this question to Envato Support Team

@giwigo Sorry, this statement is not accurate. On Videohive, you may sell your items individually, or as a bundle, but not both.

No, it is not 100% legal. Videohive items on Elements are derived from items approved to the VH marketplace, so there are no rules differences between the two. Other Envato marketplaces may allow bundling of individual items, but Videohive is not one of them. This rule is in place to reduce the chance an author might create numerous slightly different packs of identical items to grow their portfolio in an iterative manner.

@XioxGraphix this thread was posted in the Videohive category, and is posed as a Videohive question. Since you’re a GraphicsRiver author only, you may not have been aware that there are slightly varying rules between the different Envato marketplaces.

thank you MotionRevolver.

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Ah yea, that’s embarrassing, my bad haha. I’ve seen bundles on marketplaces other than GraphicRiver, such as PhotoDune, and I thought I saw a few on VideoHive as well. I also looked up a bunch of articles on the Knowledge base to be sure of what I was saying, I guess I misread them.

I have removed my previous replies to avoid confusion.

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Thanks for that! And no worries at all, just happy to clear up any confusion. :slight_smile: