Codecanyon resubmission limitations

Hi, Recently I sent a product for review and the item soft-rejected for two times.
Is there any limitation for resubmission times? How many times can we resubmit an item?
Is there a rule for it?
Thank you.

For soft-rejects there are no limitations. You can be sent back even 20 times and then make it, but you could also receive 3 soft-rejects and then a hard one, so anything goes here :slight_smile:

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Thank you. What does it depend on?

The main things for each soft reject you must have to check all issues and solve those then you should resubmit. If you don’t fix all mentioned issues and resubmit and the reviewer again soft reject-with mention previous issues still there then there is a possibility you will get hard reject after 2-3 times reply back. but for each soft reject if you fix most of the issues then no worry, just continue to fix all issues.

Thank you for your reply. I want to solve issues but I have several doubts about them that I created a new thread for it. I will appreciate you if help me with your valuable experience.