My Item is Soft Rejected on Codecanyon, what should I do next?

I want to know what should I do after my item gets soft rejected? Should i submit all the project files again for review , including the the screenshots , the project .zip , the inline preview, tags etc?

Hi there!

When your item gets a soft rejection it means you need to work and improve or fix some issues described by the reviewer.

After solving all issues from the rejection mail, you should edit and resubmit your item.

Then if everything goes well you get accepted, otherwise if there are still unsolved problems you will receive a new soft rejection.


i am editing the item as per the suggestions, please let me know should i resubmit the whole files again, including the screenshots, the project zip , project image.

What reason did the reviewer give for rejecting it?

Some code changes, and documentation need to be changed as per the reviewer.

Then you need to make those changes and updates and resubmit the whole thing as one

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ok. thank you

Yes you should resumbit all files again as you did first time.

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thank you, i will do exactly the same thing.

Cool! Good luck with your item! :sunny:

You don’t need to submit the item again, you just need to resubmit via the item link under hidden items*your user name/hidden_items

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thank you for your valuable suggestion.