CodeCanyon plugins are not working

This is the second time i purchase a a plugin from CodeCanyon and it dont work, my first plugin was Facebook Live Reactions and today Jag Visual Team Members, with the first plugin i have almost a month waiting for someone to help me or refund me my money back since thie plugin is not working and it seems that they dont care to help customers, now this second plugin has the same issue it dont work as promissed, i need to lear that if the plugin does not have any video tutorial or real customer service i should not buy these type of plugin, i cant believe that someting that supose to be easy turns out to be so difficult and annoying the Jag Visual Team Members its a WPBakerry addon plugin this should work with out any problem, guys please let me know how can i get my money back since you seem to dont care about your customers satisfaction…

Hello @Firedon

I’m sorry you had this experience with codecanyon plugins. Not all of them are malfunctioning, all of them are checked by Envato reviewers for quality against current technical and design standards.

As a WordPress user and developer, I completely understand your frustration. Without plugins, WordPress would be a limited platform in terms of what you can do with it. So choosing the right plugins can play a large role in its success. But it’s also a challenging task. Unfortunately, at the same time, plugins can generate conflicts with the theme or with other (sometimes) free plugins.

From what I can see, both plugins you mentioned have as support period 2 business days. If you bought the second plugin today, in some countries it is already Saturday, this means that unfortunately, you’ll receive a reply from the plugin’s support team only in a few days, after the week-end.

Meanwhile, please note that you can apply for a refund using this link: but first, please make sure you read this article about when and how a refund can be given:

Also, as a personal side note: I am an Envato author and also buyer (with more than 100 items bought here) since 2013, so please let me assure you that Envato cares very much about customer satisfaction. This one I can guarantee!

Meanwhile, while you wait for a reply from plugins support teams, maybe you could post here, in the forums, the technical problem you’re having, we are a helpful community and maybe someone will be able to help.

Hoping this helps a bit,
All the best!


Hevada thanks for replaying my message i wish that more developers or companies have great people like you customers will be happy to see that they are not just a number or a nick name on a chat i know you understand my frustration of buying someting and see that it dont work as promise and worst that you request help from the developers and they not even answer you i got more than one month asking for help on the CodeCanyon Facebook Live Reaction and still havent reply or seem to care about it, with the new plugin that i purchase today i understand that it may take some days for the developers to get back to me once again thank you for providing me with that information and i hope that in this forum or blog i can find a solution to my issues

Hi @Firedon

I am totally agree with @hevada a nice explanation from hevada.
At the same time I would like to say if the plugin don’t work as Author promised and don’t cooperate with customer then Customer can report this to Envato support and also can request a Refund within the Envato Refund Policy. But the best way to get this solve will be both Author and customer nice cooperation. In this case Author should take it most priority to fix their Item issues and Author 100% responsible for this. So, I am requesting Firedon please give time to your Authors to fix the issues and keep patience to get reply from them. You can take decision after getting their reply how they will support you.


Mgscoder thanks i agree with you on that i work at a radio station and also in Capital One and giving customer the best solution and that extra mile of customer service will let them feel good and they will feel happy to keep using the service that you provide them the best promotion is the customer satisfaction… Great customer service + fulfill any concern or issue =CUSTOMER LOYALTY!!

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And by the way the error that im receiving from Codecayon Facebook Live Reaction is the one that says: FACEBOOK REQUEST FAILED! - ERROR, and with the new plugin(JAG TEAM MEMBERS ADD ON) i think that i wont be able to use and i will ask for a refund i get in touch with someone that seems to be the developer or tech support but he is asking me for backend credentials and that is sensitive information that cant be just given out like that!

Plugin quality is worse lately but most authors here supports thier work and create good plugins. What you can us to leave a 1 star rating this hurta 10 times more then a refund and this type of authors deserve it.


FWDesign, thanks for the advice…

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I have downloaded the latest version of Bridge theme but the JS Composer is outdated, I this is slowing down my page, please help

Hi @Kerrilw

Please request the theme Author to include the latest version of JS Composer. So that you can collect the plugin from the theme. Otherwise you have to buy the plugin from your account personally.


Well is has been almost a month and the creators of Facebook Live Reactions did not give me any solutions or reply about my concern if that is what they call premium support they need to learn the real meaning of customer service and SUPPORT, i dont know how CodeCanyon works with the vendors or creators of the plugins that the post on their page but i know that this kind of vendors will make customers refuse to buy any plugin or software under CodeCanyon brand even if the fault of bad customer service is not on them people will say CodeCanyon, friendly recommendation CC be more srtick on the customer service of your vendor or plugin creators, customers pay for quality and working plugins they dont pay to struggle and waste time trying to figure out how the plugin should work according to images or a few videos, at least i learn from this bad experience that i should not buy plugins that dont have more than one video on youtube, no manuals or PDFs showing setup and configurations and when a vendors says premium customer service included is a sticky frase to sell something or a product if you dont want to struggle stay far away from purchasing CodeCanyon Facebook Live Reactions!!!

if your purchased plugin Author not response you then please open Help ticket . They will be very happy to assist you.