Complain against the Author to CodeCanyon Support

How to complain against Plugin seller on CodeCanyon?

I purchased a WP Affiliate Plugin, their support is really worst. They are making things complicated. Some function is not working but when I asked they can’t make any logical answer but avoided that question. He is just saying your website does not store cookies, No other answer or solution to process the Issue. But, if my site does not store cookies how people create account and login on my site? No Answer. Then I asked for refund but no answer from them.

SO I want to complain against them. So how to contact CodeCanyon Support to Complain.?


Submit a refund request at Hope you will get your best assistance. Cheers. :slight_smile:

Hello @KHRifat

You can rate his item and support from your download area

Thanks :slight_smile:

Locking this thread as it’s one for support. Please use the support link