codecanyon is rejecting my product but doesn't tell me the reason

This is my second time uploading my product to codecanyon and my product is not immediately accepted within 10 minutes.

I do not know how to change that.

Admin login page:
Username: admin@gmail
Password: admin@gmail

Please give me advice if you really know my problem

Do you get a generic rejection message or is it more specific? We can’t know the quality of your code. Also the front-end needs more work in my opinion:

Screenshot of your header

I don’t know if this can be a reason to get rejected on CodeCanyon but I think your product may need improvements and that is the reason it go rejected.

I didn’t receive any suggestions from CodeCanyon at all, so I didn’t know how to continue to improve my product. Looks like this is an automated email

Hi @Vn4CMS

well, when codecanyon doesn’t find an uploaded item unique and different from other items, then simply do not accept them. simple reason, they want more fresh and latest technology based items. when looking at your homepage and admin page, you just have Projects,Teams, Services and so on. when you look at codecanyon, and search for some similar kind products, you will find many products that are more feature rich then your products.

your product is not multi-language supported nor it is RTL supported.

so basically there are many things you need to think about to compete the other already exists products. then may be your product get approve :grinning:

I have searched for similar products but still do not understand why my product has been rejected

and of course my product still supports multilingual and RTL

The only reason why I don’t use laravel 7 is because it seems that the performance is incomparable with Laravel 5.6, and the features on Laravel 7 are unnecessary for this website.

I built it as a CMS, where programmers can add plugins or change themes, custom fields and a lot of other features that I probably didn’t show it to everyone.

Let’s look at an example of install and backup, restore which I probably didn’t show it

yeah, most important thing you missed is, to highlight the full featured details about your product.

why your product is different and fresh new for the platform?

you know, there are so many new product submitted every day, and they do not have much time to full review each and every product very carefully. so be careful next time, and show all features about the product related.

i hope you understand what i mean?