Clients getting more and more needy with support

Hi guys and gals

lately, we are getting weird and needy clients, demanding us to fix their issues (which are mostly due to lack of knowledge) for some clients we login directly into their wp to check the issue and some are demanding to fix it without giving us there login access :confused:

Clients are getting very passive aggressive, more we offer more they want. And the interesting thing is that those are the most of them that have free still 6 month free support.

Anyone noticing this trend? Or maybe it is just bad few month :slight_smile:

I haven’t noticed a huge difference. Whenever I get these kind of buyers I just remind myself to be patient as possible. I have quite a few copy+paste responses too so I don’t waste lots of time explaining myself over and over again.

The worst is when they can’t provide you FTP information, because normally it’s an issue to do with their server setup rather than the code and it makes it a million times harder to debug.

It’s about you. You need to know on which issues you should provide support and able to say “no” to customer if it’s “custom job”, “theme modifications” or “personal requests”

Provide support for small issues like " how I can remove the sidebar" etc and provide updates/fixes for the theme bugs.
If they don’t know how to use the theme, it shouldn’t be your problem.

Creating a good documentation would be the key, you could ask them to check the file

It’s like visiting the car dealer after buying one and ask them to teach how to drive