Ciya WP Theme Issues


I am working with the Ciya WP theme and have run into some issues that the theme developer refuses to admit they are problems they should fix and Envato is doing nothing to support me the customer. Pretty frustrating when the developer has the Instagram feed not working since I bought the theme 8 or 9 month ago. So that is an issue, there are several other things that just don’t make sense and when you question them the response 99.9% is you can customize it. I thought that when I buy a theme and see how the demo functions I should be able to get my site to function as the demo does. But this is clearly not the case. One issue I need help with is the jump to reviews section, if you look at any Ciya theme demo and there are many of them, when you click on reviews it jumps to the page where the reviews are, when I follow the documentation from the developer I don’t get the same result as the demo, it jumps past the review tab and past any reviews at all, so it does not function as the demo and I nor any Ciya theme customer should have to deal with this. They say you can customize, its a bug and doesn’t work. Does anyone know how to fix this ridiculous we have to deal with this and Envato does not just saying sorry its customization, it clearly isn’t I have screen shots proving the issue. There are so many things the developer did not think about or care, the theme has some nice features, but support is a total disaster of attitude and the famous line you can customize it. So what I am supposed to do with a instagram feed that never works or disappears when it wants. Also they have a nice index search with the classic header layout which I am using. I also want to use the sticky header but it does not come with the same search form, its a icon that you only can get but using the header builder and they say you can create the same classic header with the header builder, this is not true the search is icon and popup so its not what I want. I just want to add the search from the classic prebuilt header to the sticky header or make the classic header (not the top bar which I am using) completely sticky. I also have some other things I want to do to customize so open to anyone that is reasonable and resourceful. Any help would be appreciated.