Church logo

Hi, can you help me find a good Ae project template for church logo?
Thank you.

Hi @danahcray

Try this one,corporate,elegant?category=after-effects-project-files%2Flogo-stings&referrer=search&utf8=✓&view=list

If you need customization, feel free to contact me via my profile page.


Thank you and you replied.
Can you do it for me? I’ll send yo the church logo. If you can. But I need to know first how much and how i can pay it :slight_smile:

Mvh Danah

I realize this is a bit of an old post, but it’s pretty popular on Google :slight_smile: So I thought I should update it with some suggestions on all the great Church logos available on Market.

Also, if you’re looking for a custom Church logo, Envato studio has a great selection of skilled logo designers.

Hope that helps!

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