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What are the best flyers, posters and templates for church services?

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The Righteous Full Page Flyer and CD Cover

Kingdom Standards Flyer Template

Kingdom Standards


Sing Praise Gospel Concert Flyer Template

Pastor’s Anniversary Church Flyer Template

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Cross Day Church Flyer Template

New Season Church Flyer Poster Template

Is funeral template applicable in this event?

Gospel Concert Flyer

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Church Anniversary Flyer

While churches aren’t for-profit businesses, religious institutions can still promote themselves using marketing tactics that have been proven in the business world. Churches aren’t in the business of selling, but they can use flyers to spread the word about church-related events. This template will suit various purposes, including everything from detailing a church’s weekly schedule to announcing upcoming concerts.

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Church Anniversary Flyer

Your church probably offers much more than just Bible study. Use church event flyers to put out information regarding: Men’s and women’s conferences, Weddings, Youth events, Members’ classes, Group meetings, Church fundraisers, Communion or Confirmation meetings, Picnics, Easter Sunday services, Worship rallies, Baptism classes, Adoption seminars

Praise Church Flyer

Churches do more than simply hold services on weekends. They also serve the community in important ways such as holding Bible study during the week, providing meals for the homeless, or hosting charity events. As important as these functions are, they are only effective when they have active participation. The question for churches, then, is how can they get the word out about different events and activities?

One answer to this need is flyers. Marquees can speak to passersby, and bulletin boards can inform people who are already parishioners. But flyers can announce upcoming events and issue invitations beyond the walls of the church.