Hello…I am new - new post, first post, very green. I am trying to create an Annual Report for the university I work for. The annual report would go to our people here at our university and some outside donors who donated to our elderly abuse projects.

First which template could I use?
Which license do I buy I see 3 types
Second, would the license agreement cover this type of use. if not is there additional charges that would apply
Is the project use for as long as I need it. The report will take me 2 months to do.

please help.

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If you are building just one website that is free to access, then regular license is fine.

In terms of which to use - this will depend entirely on what needs to be there, how it needs to work, how the data needs to be presented, if you know how to write code etc.

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hi do u mean that want are planning to buy a report template here and plan to “update it” right? for the license thing u can rely on what @charlie4282 said he is much aware of all these things and if u want to have additional guys to confirm, just ask @mgscoder or @XioxGraphix, these guys are knowing a lot of things about technical issues and no doubt that they will tell u what this is all about …

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I completely mis-interpreted this - saw the word “template” and defaulted to it being about websites.

I still think a regular graphic license would be on for what you are suggesting but if in doubt you can always ask support Envato Market Help and Support

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I am going to start selling on envato but i don’t know where to get those images other designers are using in designs. Examples.

Can anyone please help. @n2n44 @charlie4282

Thank you

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sorry i answered to u in the other thread lol :slight_smile:

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Hi N2n44…
Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my post. I’m sorry for not being clear on what I need. Basically I just need some sort of brochure that I can use (template) to fill in my content. We are not going to sell our brochures. The file template will be used to allow our donors to review all we have done in a Fiscal Year. I do not want to get in trouble by using something I cannot use to a large audience. What do I mean by a large audience? This template, brochure, file, will be printed (500 copies or so). we will mail our brochures to our donors who help support our cause for elderly abuse. I work for a university, so it’s important that I find something that speaks volumes and looks extremely professional.

Again I want to buy something that will be mine to use and I get your blessing to use it for the purpose of creating an Annual Report.

I would surely need help in maybe, if someone can show me a template I can use and buy. I thank you all for reading my thread. Thank you all for reading my mess. LOL :slight_smile:

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hi , oh ok i understand … well indeed normally all is fine with a normal licence as for what i can understand … otherwise there are a variety of great brochure authors here that u choose from … and as many styles as guys indeed lol the likes of Paul @Novocaina , @corrella/@corrella88 (Andrea), @BigWeek (Paul) @graphicplate (Ruhk) @TypoEdition and @BrandPacks are great authors doing creating brochures …

n2n44…thank you…you’re awesome for understanding and giving me some leads.

All the best to you.


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u are welcome , happy if i could help :slight_smile: have a nice day