Chrome download warning

Recently, some Google Chrome users have been experiencing the following alert message when downloading files from Envato Market: is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous (see below).


We believe this isn’t an Envato-side issue as it has been reported by other companies as well. Our Quality Team also thoroughly checks all items to ensure they are free from malware or any other dangerous material before they are approved for sale.

Our current theory is that the actual cause is a combination of two factors:

  1. The files contain code compressed within a zip archive.
  2. Chrome is detecting file URLs as not commonly downloaded because each purchase URL is unique.

Regardless, our devs are looking into the issue and hope to find a fix soon. In the meantime, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Can’t find it now, but I read somewhere that if the same person claims ownership of AWS buckets through Google Webmaster tools it resolves itself. i.e. setup something like for downloads and then verify that domain is owned by the same account as etc… in Webmaster tools (if that makes sense)

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Seems like we tried this early on but unfortunately it had no affect :frowning: Thanks for sharing though!!

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It’s hard to believe that a company that builts driverless cars and yet still causing a lot & a lot of trouble for their users. (i.e. I am using a VPN and they continuously ask me “hey, is that really you” while checking my emails and forcing me to enter my password continuously…)

I purchased “Donations” yesterday and found the social.png in the them files. Not impressed!!!

Hi @BillFligg, I see this was also raised in another thread and discussed in detail. It looks like the community helped solve the problem for you, but we also checked the file called social.png within the theme you purchased and can confirm it’s a valid .png. Hope this helps! :smile:


is there any way we could work with Google about this issue?

Hi @leafcolor, Google are already on the case so fingers crossed for a speedy solution!