it worth it?



Hi there!!
A question came into my mind.,…i was listening to some Xmas items, thinking of making one just to try :slight_smile:

But…do you guys feel like it would be like launching a stone in the ocean? tens of items with the same name e similar mood, it’s not inspiring at all to me…and then, eventually, what about sales?

Anybody has the same feeling?


I think, if you want to write Christmas music - to write, if you want to
write something romantic - write, don’t force yourself to do
something;) everyone will find a buyer.:innocent:


I never make such stuff.



yes,yesterday i opened a new session on logic, and after 10 minutes of searching something with bells, block and so…i got soon bored :smiley: :smiley:


I think it’s worth it if you are interested in switching up styles for a few days. It’s been fun for me to take a break from the regular corporate stuff. Sales-wise it’s definitely a crap shoot because of the volume of tracks that have been going up but some tracks break through.