100 sales ! :-)

(15 items and 1 year whithout composing) : is it a good score ???


Definitely, it is. :wink:

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1 year???
and you recently have started again? or you are still having a rest??

In fact i’m a live musician and it takes me lot of time. I’ve sarted again during my days off to make a few tracks. For me it’s a concrete way to improve my mixing knowledge…I like this way of learning with real practicing.


Congratulations! @PinkCrossStudio :sparkles:

I congratulate you on this Event :checkered_flag:

Although the money is small, but nice :mage:

Wonderful Moment :arrow_left:

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Good work!!!

Congrats :champagne: :confetti_ball: :muscle:t2: