Christmas Demo Feedback

Hi Guys!
I made a Christmas Jingle demo recently(haven’t done any mixing yet) and i need your feedback on it. Do you think it fits the AJ quality standarts?

Hi my friend. Good work, congratulations, but it’s a little slow, as if you can speed it up a little bit and the same style goes, different notes and instruments can be added. Good luck…

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Thanks for feedback, I appreciate it😊

Good work, buddy. But as @EnderguneyMusic wrote - the song is a bit slow. Also there is nearly no progression in the song - i do not mean the melody…it’s mor about missed tension and the same orchestration during the whole song. Please, don’t be cross with me, but my first impression was, that someone started the one-key-arranger on a keyboard.
In my opinion, the used rimshot is too loud.
But it’s a good starting point. Don’t give up.

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Thanks for detailed feedback!
That is exactly what i’m concerned about, it just sounds like it was made by AI or something. I’m not quite sure how to make it more live and interesting to the listener. I wanted it to be on a same energy level throuout the entire song and not to be boring at the same time.