Check this out: Collis (our CEO) auditions for the AudioJungle watermark.

The amazing @contrastblack dug this up for our team yesterday. I can’t stop laughing:


Some things should stay lost!



I want that to all my items at once! :smile:

Call me crazy, but the 2nd take is a keeper.

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This is sooo good!! :joy::joy::joy:

It really lifted my mood now! :joy::thumbsup:

@matthewcoxy credit actually goes to @brittanyjezouit for the find, but I could not keep it from you guys. :smile:

I listened to it about once an hour yesterday. I also had no idea that Cyan was the voice behind the actual watermark! How cool! ( )


LOL this is epic stuff :slight_smile:

Such a good find @brittanyjezouit!!!

LOL, you guys should use entire this file for watermark :smiley:

Brilliant! I suppose it was hard reject?)

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We don’t hard reject our CEO, we like our jobs too much :wink:


This watermark is a NO REJECT guarantee for any item I guess :grin:


Let’s put that theory to the test, shall we?

Let us leave it just a theory (at least for me) :wink:

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I think that Envato should immediately start using that from now on. Don’t pick one, just use all of them throughout the audio.


Only Chuck Norris can reject this item