Woohoo! Author Level 3, feature file and trend over a month and a half.

Thanks so much to Envato team, and everyone who gives me helpful tips.
Good luck and big sales! :v:


Great Job!
I think 4th badge is not so far away)

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Thank you! :blush:

Congrats @melodrama :slight_smile:

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Congratulations!:tada: @melodrama :wink:

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Congratulation @melodrama :tada: Good luck for more :slight_smile:

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Thanks! @RainyAudio

Thank you! @janxcode_team :blush:

Thank you, @WildLion_Production :blush:

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Congratulations !

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Congratulations!!! Wish you 7 level as soon as possible! :^)

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Thank you! :pray:

Wow! Thanks! :blush:

Congratulations @melodrama! Enjoy the ride you are on :rocket:

Thank you so much @MidnightSnap :blush: