Changing category in search engine


Hey there,
I just had my first submission accepted and I put it under corporate and
in retrospect it might be better suited to rock.
How do I change that.
I went into the edit section and put upbeat as my first tag which I like, but i want it showing up
in the rock category not corporate.
I noticed corporate is mostly orchestral post rock.
My bad and thanks for your suggestions


You can always update your item and resubmit it. From what i know, tags are arranged alphabetically after submission so the " upbeat" tag will be at the end of your tags list depending on the tags you use.
Hope this helps, good luck!


Thank you.


Notice that when you submit you must ask reviewer for category change in “comments to reviewer” field, it helps usually.


That makes sense.
I didn’t see a section for making a category change in the edit section.
I figured I was doomed.
I may wait though and see if I get any sales in the corporate category.
The instrumentation is strictly guitar rock but the melody and vibe is all
Upbeat and positive so who knows :sunglasses: