Reviewer changed the category of my track! What can i do?

Hi fellows!
Today i had an accept for my track “Sad Violin & Cello Stinger” but i realised that the reviewer changed my suggested category from “Classical, strings” to “cinematic”! (I wanted to test the classical category for a better luck)
What do you believe?
What should i do?
Here is my track:

Thanks in advance

Reviewers will place items into categories that best fit the material during the review process for the benefit of the marketplace.


I defenitely agree but it could belong in classical and strings category as well… And i can not see my benefit… I am already in cinematic’s bottom page!!! haha! :stuck_out_tongue:

Last week I had one change too. From Atmosphere to Chill in Ambient.
But it could be worse… could be hard rejected. :joy:


True story…!!! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen little to no impact in what category my music is in.

Try to contact them via support

Hey @PrestoSound! I have already sent them a message via item update and Message to the Reviewer, but no answer yet…

Try to write to support email also

Thanks friend i’ll try!

Thank you for your comments and your help @gballx @Manriquedelara @PrestoSound @JackWinn
Problem solved!
Well done “Suppor Team”!!!