Can't find a way to change Item's!

Hi all
I can’t find a way to change category to one of my item, can you help?

i wanna switch from corporate to Folk music…

Edit > Update Item and Tags or Update Description

Anyone can help, please?
i can’t even find a Contact Us on Envato Audiojungle

Ciao Christian! There is actually no way to change the category. Only way that I can recommend you is to removing the track and reuploading it again (while stating in the comment to the reviewer in the upload page that it is a reupload and make sure to mention that you are changing the category). Buona fortuna :slight_smile:

By the way nice track :+1:

thank you :slight_smile:
i am scared that if i re-submit the track, they might reject it…who knows ahaha LOL

i found that is not smart to put that item in corporate, because it becomes invisibile, too much item…maybe in folk/country would be get little more attention…you agree?

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Back in the days before Automatic Trusted Updates, the procedure was to request it from the reviewer.

Instead of re-uploading a track needlessly, contact Support; they should be able to help.

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thank you :slight_smile:
i tried to find the right mail support, it’s not so easy…idk if it’s the right one!

I just wrote that in the Message to Reviewer box…and i actually discovered the category has been changed.
it works