How to change the category

Tell me, please, how to change the category of the track - for example, when downloading pointed to the Corporate, and now i want to change to folk, acoustic.
Thank you.

You can´t change the category of a track. The only thing you can do, is delete the track and try to upload to another category.

If the track was already on the website , you can not delete it and re-upload )

Ups! :cold_sweat:

And what can you advise?

I think the two options are:

If you don’t have trusted update status you can change a few tags, submit the update for approval, and leave a message for the reviewer asking for the category to be changed.

If you do have trusted update status you have to send a request to support.

In either case they have to agree to change the category.

Hope this helps.

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I agree with @PaulGraves
but if not then you can write and throw on a non-exclusive account, this is no problem .

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Many thanks to all for the answers. It helped)))