Changing a variables product prices for multiple products.

Hello everybody,

I am sorry for creating an other topic about it but i didnt have any answer and i really need your help.

I am using rigid theme from themeforest with woocommerce and wcmp.

I am in the process of creating a website where people from all over the world will create their store and upload their music in order to sell it.

All the products will have two sell options(non-commercial and commercial use) so thats why i create variables. And the price will be fixed. Lets say non-commercial:10euros and commercial 50euros.

If later, after some weeks or months i want to change the fixed price from all the products, lets say non-commercial: 20euros and commercial:100euros. How can i do it easily. The products can be hundrends or thoushands so its not possible to do it one by one.

Is there an easy way with a plugin or something?

Thank you again!

Hello again,

After 3 days and no response, i dont understand why.

I am not sure but it seems to me something that it should exist.

I dont think i am the only person to ask it.

Thank you.

Hello, i found the correct answer. I posted the same question on wordpress forum and someone answer me with an easy and safe way to do it.

If you want to check it here is the link:

He even recommended to me a plugin from envato.