Woocommerce Price Template (auto-variations)



I’m somehow experienced with wordpress & woocommerce but have a must that i can’t figure out how to do it exactly. It will be hard to explain what i need so that i made a prototype to show it (will add below the question).

First of all i’m not asking for a full code or something like that, i need guidance and advices.

The Problem: My employer has a woocommerce store with over 4k products in 33 categories. In fact each category is a product type. Think like posters on same material with different images on them and dimensions settle the prices. That means we have 33 real products with over 16k variations (at least 4 different size for a single one).

The Need: My employer wants to have price templates that can be created and updated in admin area.

The Status: At the migration state we had limited time and i came over the situation with WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugin to override prices of simple products but things started to get dirty when we tried some features like minimum quantity, quantity steps and xml feeds. At last we accepted that we must use real variations for this job. So i made some research on programmatically creating variable products but couldn’t figure out the whole thing.

I need somewhere to create and store templates: CPT or meta or any other option?

I need to apply the templates but how or when: after creating simple product or while creating?

I’ll need bulk actions for creating, updating but how?

There’ll be some load on db how will i reduce it?

I’ve so many questions like that in mind, because i want to make it according to code. Because of that i made a prototype to show what i want to build and get your guidance.

How would you do that?

The awesome super uber stylish prototype!