how can you change the price of multiple variable products easy and at once?


I am in the process of creating a website with wordpress, woocommerce and wcmp. Where people from all over the world will create their store and upload their music in order to sell it.

All the products will have two sell options(non-commercial and commercial use) so thats why i create variables. And the price will be fixed. Lets say non-commercial:10euros and commercial 50euros.

If later, after some weeks or months i want to change the fixed price from all the products, lets say non-commercial: 20euros and commercial:100euros. How can i do it easily. The products can be hundrends or thoushands so its not possible to do it one by one.

Is there an easy way with a plugin or something?

Thank you guys

Hello, i posted the same question on wordpress forums and someone answer to me with easy and safe solution.

If you want to check it here is the link: