Looking for solution to woocommerce preventing me from Quick/Bulk-Editing variable priced downloads as an admin

For some reason, woocommerce was not published with the capacity to let users Quick Edit or Bulk Edit downloads that have variable pricing. I have many many products with this variable price issue, so changing the prices on a regular basis from the admin view of the site will take a long time without a solution.

I am not looking for a plugin that only the edits the client-sided view of a product’s pricing field. I am looking specifically for some kind of script that will let me quickly change the admin entries of all Downloads in the back-end of the site of both a certain price and of a certain category, prior to those Downloads being published.
Plugins that only edit product pricing fields tell the site how to change the display of the admin price of a Download, but they do not change the actual hidden admin price that was manually typed while creating the Download.

This item may or may not accomplish that, I don’t know how to be sure without a demo on my own site https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-bulk-edit-variable-products-prices/6822726

Wow authors can design all the hundreds of plugins seen on codecanyon but no one can answer this question, and from what I’ve seen on the internet it’s a common problem, so whoever can answer it first will be the next elite author I guess.