Changes To How Authors Receive Earnings Payouts From Envato

This is bad news for authors who want to receive their funds only when they reach some amount.


This decision will kill - all partnerships. Bravo :rage:


what if I’ll change my account for withdrawals. Now I’m using paypal but in future I’m plan using payoneer. could I change it in the future, without no problem?


The way I read it it is a legal thing why payouts have to be automated? The change is not really in our interest, but is there a reason the payouts have to be monthly?

If the thing is that you must have an automated moneyflow system to not break any laws, wouldn’t it be possible to change the intervall from monthly to every x months that the author can choose? The fees for the transaction do add up quickly and non top earning authors would possibly prefer to not lose $25 every month for a swift transaction, in my case there are even more fees on top of that I have to pay to other banks in the process.

Otherwise, if monthly payouts are forced on authors, is there a way to reduce the $25 fee you ask for swift payout?

I think it is possible to make this a way smoother transition for authors than it seems now. Right now it means losing money, I’m afraid :frowning:


Answers from staff would be good,a lot of questions marks here …I think it’s optional - you can choose SWIFT paypal or payoneer for your monthly payments,right?


I can get reason why the funds receiver has to be the same as the envato account owner, but the automatic payouts each month could be dropped, couldnt it?

Automatic payout every 1/3/6 month would be much better for us if possible.

Exactly. The ability to set a period of automatic payments should be.


Ha, waiting for this for a while now. Partnership agreements will get hit… for those that earn bigger amounts was relatively easy, you split it into two amounts and that’s is now you have to transfer the money to your partner after you get it which brings extra cost, for example, those that are VAT obligatory have to charge additional vat to the partner which is for example here 22%.

to be honest the entire system from Envato is illegal in so many cases. Invoices are insufficient and are issued in USD which for a separate country is not ok.

For example here what counts is the sum on your bank account and providing invoices from Envato is of no use as they are in US dollars and the sum on that day is different than the sum on the day it lands on your account which makes accounting incorrect and impossible.

Let me explain: now if this is done without of authors country everything should be ok as some rules do not apply however if a, for example, Slovenian author buys a theme and pays 59 + VAT he has to pay from here in euros and gets a certain amount of dollars and the VAT calculation would differ from the summary account subtraction at the end of the month. So invoicing in our name is basically useless and I dare to say illegal.

That is why a majority of us here use a different solution as all that matters is the end payout balance on the bank account.

Now Envato had to this move to cover their invoicing system to protect them selfs and to bring down the costs for multiple transactions since some people send directly money to multiple accounts and It can have signs of money laundering and tax evasion.

So yea been expecting that.

Partnership deals from now on will be costly and much harder if you want to run it legit.

Good luck!


Forcing automated withdrawals is a huge issue for many of us, this is another way of authors loosing their freedom, because they have to be ready to make all accounting and tax / social payments every month, wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

Not to mention that we will be loosing transaction money, which especially hits small authors.

I cant believe how bad decisions can you make.

And I am one of those authors who pays 30% of us tax…

It makes me sick Envato…


Since they moved to USA it only became worse and will continue to get worse… First Tax Withheld only because USA sais so, now this automatic payment every month again because USA forces to do so. All you do is puting authors in complicated positions by either loosing money or making tough decisions in general. What if i choose PayPal as a payment method and then something happens and PayPal blocks my account. I heard that to resolve issues with PayPal might take up to 4 months… You should leave at least 2 payment methods to make authors save!
P.S What next Envato? Will the USA force you to fingerprint all authors in near future?



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  1. Will there be a way to change withdrawal method in future?

For example, for long time customer used a paypal, but now customer cant use paypal anymore (for any reason). So what customer should to do in this situation? Can he change the withdrawal method in this case?

  1. What about Elements?

If customer use SWIFT for envato markets and Payoneer for Elements (on elements there is no possibility to use swift, or I missed something?). In this case, should the customer to use Payoneer only? Or he can use SWIFT for marketplace and Payoneer for Elements?

Thank you!


Well exactly… They are now in the USA my man. Sammy boy needs his banky banky moneyz. “Screw the authors! Wee are salivating for more fees and taxes!” - Envato.

  1. What if I want to buy something from Envato using my earnings.
  2. What if I need to change my bank account and for some reason can’t do it during one month.
  3. What if I change country of living.

I understand now clearly why we support and use crytpo moneys/bitcoin because we aren’t live in 1500s years. Why envato don’t support this very useful solution?

How we can send money our partners?


Most companies make life easier for their employees…Envato complicates


Yea but they do not count us as there employees… they are making it easier for them :smiley:


“Thanks for the new changes!” Said nobody with a decent eye sight to read the changes… Wtf are you talking about bro ? How can you like those changes O_x baffling man… baffling.


As I said above my man… Trust me, evnato stop giving a sht about authors 3 years ago when they moved to uncle sam’s country and they want more money while not caring for the people that made them their money…


April 16, 2018: On Monday April 16, 2018 AEST, the first automated monthly payouts will be made to authors with earning balances higher than $500 for Swift, $50 for PayPal and $20 for Payoneer to their nominated payout destination.

I only have PayPal account. Does it mean let’s say if I get $125 in a month, then Envato will do automated monthly payout to my PayPal account only $50 and leave the balance in my Envato earning $75?