Change the font automatically on AE 🤔

I parent the Source Text of “TEXT 2” to “TEXT1”

When I change the font of “TEXT 1” from the “Character” window, I want automatically change the font of “TEXT 2”.

Is it possible on AE 2017 ? Or any newer version of AE?

It possible only in AE CC2019 and above.

There is one workaround. If user press Ctrl+A, he select all layers. After that he may change the font in Character panel, and every layer in the comp will have the same font.

With CC2019 it may be done by expression.

So as I understand even in CC2019 it is not possible control from “Character” panel. I mean customer can’t change it to any font he/she wants. Right?

He/she can only select several fonts which I added with Expressions. Did I understand right?

No. With CC2019 and above, customer may select only one text layer, and any other layers that you have bind with expression also change the font.
This is documentation.