Changing After Effects Default Font


Hi guys, I have a couple of questions (I’m using AE CS4):

  1. When I open a project and I don’t have the font used in the project AE automatically replace it with “Myriad Pro” on my pc, can I change it? I mean can I specify the font that will replace the missing one when opening a project?

  2. Is it the same with AE CS5 and 6 or with these newer versions I can specify a replacement font?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Very interesting question… I don’t know the answer, but would love to hear it too… Just interesting :slight_smile:


I guess it’s a pref in the prefs file somewhere. If you know what your default font is, you could search on the name in the prefs file. In CS6, there’s a direct link to it from the Preferences dialog


I couldn’t find any entry in the prefs file on my XP AE CS4, it must be somewhere else… I’ll write again if I can find more info, thanks anyway :wink: