Category Selection Error

Hello everyone,
I uploaded a Shopify theme under the CMS template category, but it was the wrong category for a Shopify template. Unfortunately, I received a rejection email due to the missing category. Can I resubmit this product under the correct category? Can anyone suggest what I should do?

If you upload the item for the CMS category but not for the Shopify category, yes.
If you upload the item to the wrong Shopify category, no but is it hard or soft rejection?

hi, ki-themes, thanks for replay.

hard reject, but i don’t know why provide me hard reject i have developed 5 damo template under this this theme, please check my demo password 1

It’s not good enough to be sold as premium item. The rejection is related to the item quality, not the the category upload issue

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We apologize that the item did not meet your expectations in terms of quality. Could you kindly provide me with some suggestions on how to enhance my skills?