Casino Theme Mockup Rejected

Hi guys.

I just made this set of mockups in 3D and then set them un in Photoshop so they can work as a mockup for either casino/gambling apps or websites and unfortunately got the set rejected with the claim that - “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.” I mean, the quality of the set and the renders is pretty good, at least compared with what you would find for casino/gambling related items and mockups on Envato and all the items are created by me except for the image in the lower bottom of the phone screen. I was wondering, why would they say I won’t be able to re-submit this item again? Are there any intellectual property infringements related to the rejection?

Thanks in advance!

I like the 3D elements. Maybe you can use them to create 3 different flyers

hi to be honest as far as I am concerned, this is great work, though, I believe that chips are a little bit lacking finition , they look not exactly as realistic as the rest. Otherwise, I am not sure that u have been considered as posting in the right category, this maybe the thing … I am not sure about how relevant a mockup is and how there is a potential purchasing base for this. Here what I think u should post either in the 3d renders category or try to create other kind of products from these great renders … I assume 3 small things otherwise , this is that there are some pieces of shadowing lacking here and there for the item to get to the next level and, then, that the screenshot with a lit “play now” looks great but the light finds no echo on the adjacent elements so that the composition is losing realism in the process, finally, that, as a mockup , the content that is meant to be replaced is not outstanding enough … it would be almost the less valued item from the whole composition (except in the first screenshot) … not sure u had analyzed this but the bottom line is that this sounds everything but superfluous to make u notice just this indeed …