Need opinion why this mockup was rejected


So i don’t usually post about rejected projects in here, but this one’s a puzzler (at least for me) and i was hoping to get some feedback from you guys.

This is a set of wallet / business card mockups with smart objects, submitted into the mockups category. I do post a lot of mockups into the display category with no problem, so I’m very eager to learn what am i missing.

The resolution is 3840x2700 pixels. render time is about 2 hours / each.

This other set was also unsuccessful.

These are all rendered in high res, with smart objects, alpha, isolated shadows and background color control.

This other set is not mine, rather it’s an example of previous work accepted by GR:

any ideas?

I’ve contacted the help desk over this, sent them a lengthy explanation of what happened with pictures, and received an even lengthier email why they can’t provide feedback :smile: