Card game template rejected

Hello all, my name is roberto. Recently I’ve uploaded a card game template but unfortunately was rejected and I don’t know why. How can I be sure my design meets envato quality?

Thank you very much for your help.
Here’s my template

hi for me it looks rather good. Though, maybe trying to make sure that titles are a bit more prominent and popping out would be a good idea in my view. If i were u i would also introduce something more on the red side … maybe a fake logo meant to be replaced by buyers and potentially a low opacity diamond-shape-textured background or something lookalike so that the thing looks more worked out again and looks less empty when it comes to the red side

Thank you.
Another question, how do i know if the problem is something else? like size or format?
I didn’t put an instructions file because I added this on a layer in the PSD, that could be a problem?

hi as for i know there are no hard rejections for technical / format reasons. If u have some issue this way , u get soft rejected and reviewers mention what u need to fix, add or provide them with …