Can't we use freepik vectors in powerpoint templates (Recent guidelines)

I have seen many freepik vectors are used in powerpoint templates. even in popular items. but recently I have seen most of the files contain their own vectors. Is there a new guideline that freepik vectors (Stock vectors) can no longer be used in powerpoint templates (CCO licensed vectors which are commercially free)… creating own vectors takes massive time and putting an extra weight over the getting passed from the review queue please advise some one

hi i think that this was never really allowed actually , as downloading and using from there - like fo a freelance project (so that the customer is only using the finished product) - is different from including in a main file, which had never been allowed i think (may people correct me if i am wrong) …

Including means not giving the vectors files as is in the final folder but edit and use them inside the template. so the vectors are no longer can be used as vectors, but they can be edited inside powerpoint only.

lol how is this possible? if u include in the main file , this is necessarily inside the template so that this is edited in the end … i do not get it

The freepik license says we can use them in commercial projects where we can use the product and sell but not re-distributing the item it self. So the original vector files are eps or ai where they can be edited in a vector tool. but once when used inside powerpoint those vectors are no longer independent vector files the end users can’t edit their shapes etc with illustrator or something or use that vector in some of their own work. but they may edit it inside powerpoint and use in their presentations… this is what I mean actually

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hi thanks for the information , as for i was understanding redistributing was also u were including part f the item and sold it to someone else, i seem to be wrong …

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