vectors for my presentation template


I have seen that some people use freepik vectors in their designs… as we are not vector artists, coming up with our own vectors can be challenging and can be a point for rejection due to low quality vectors… but I really need to get it clarified that is it ok to use freepik commercially available vectors in our presentation templates…

@n2n44 Hello buddy what do you know about this please… it will be really helpful

hi buddy , I have no idea about such an issue … I am not sure that this is ok because I guess this is like distributing these elements … some other people will be better fitted to answer u I think

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Freepik doesn’t allows to use their vectors aimed to be resold as part of your graphics. It is exactly when someone buy your item ue some elements and reupload for sell. Best is to create the graphics by yourself.

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lol this is a very good example but this does not mean this does not happen either , I used to have such a thing happening to me once, I had to contact the help center to have - what seems to be an illegally downloaded flyer of mine and re-uploaded by the person - the item removed from the concerned guy’s portfolio