Can't start selling/uploading

Please, I need help. I click on the start selling button, go through the steps, but it only takes me to the graphicriver site (I’m signed in), but there is no option to upload anything. If I click on the “start selling” button or the “become an author” link it takes me to the page and everything starts all over again. What am I missing?

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Hello, I am experiencing the same thing. I am new to this platform and I am a bit confused as what to do next.

That is strange. Do you not see this here on your dashboard?

No I don’t. I’ve tried many times, but still in a loop.

Have you tried this way!?

I don’t have the author part there, only Become an author. But I did it many times. Is there any support? I can’t seem to find an email address or link.

Try here

Thank you for your help.

hi did u try to do the process with another browser?

Yes, it’s all the same.

I gave you the link … maybe you should wait 4-5 days for response … I am sure that the problem will be solved :wink:

I’m also facing same problem

Me too!!!

No dashboard–just an endless loop back to the main page. Tried it on three different browsers**

Yes, I am doing that. I mean the waiting. :grinning: