I not able to enter into (become an author) page

Below the link of the page
Could you help me, please?

Many thanks,

What happens when you try?


Try from here again

Still any problem get in touch with Envato Author Support team they would like to assist you with an official answer.


After opening the page and click on (By continuing you agree to the Envato Market author terms) and then click on (continue)
I still in the same page and I not able inter into the next step.

I tried from the link more and more but I still on this page. please have a look at the image attached and the button (continue)can not work.

Maybe try clearing your cache or a different browser

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OK. I will try a different browser.

Can not work also.What I do now?

Hi there,

I knew the HTML of the page there isn’t a link that allows me to move to the next page in the code.
I think the problem can solve by the support team.
Please, Is there anyone who can send me the link to the next page and how I contact the support team to solve this problem?

Hello my friend this problem happened to me.
Go to another device, that is, go to you friend’s device.
Open your account there and pass.
And do not open your friend’s device on the same IP

I’m very happy. My problem is solved and I hope to be the best author.
I thank the Envato team for helping me.

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