Information needed

I am sorry to say this, but why does this website not look like a website? You cannot easily find the things you need. Where is the author’s sign in location? Where is the live-chat support? There is “Become an Envato Author” which I tried that, now how long should I wait for you to decide whether I am an author or not?
Thank you in advance

As i understand you want to be an author. After “sign in” from the top right, you can reach the author dashboard and other parts by following the instructions from the menu in the same place. Apart from that, there is no application to become an author for GraphicRiver as far as I know, after opening your account, you should be able to upload your design directly from the upload section of the dashboard. Feel free to ask if you have any other question. Best regards.

Given nothing is showing up using this user name e.g. it looks like you may not have set up the marketplace account correctly?

Assuming that you are referring to the main marketplaces and not envato elements, then when you have the account correctly created, then as @Brejoa said you can find the menu by hovering over your username.

FYI - there’s no live chat. You can reach author support here Envato Authors Help and Support