Cant sign in to my account to get any support.

Can’t log in to Theme Forest/Avada to get support.

I have 5 AVADA licenses. All have support time remaining. I have an issue with one of the sites I’m working on. When I go to sign in to get help from AVADA, it is total frustration.

I follow the directions on getting my Avada licenses purchase code. I copy it. I them go to Directions say to click on “support” and one of two things happen. If I am lucky enough to get to the sign in page and enter my user name and password (which I’ve had to reset), I get to the page. The rest of the time, I just go right to the page. What is really frustrating is that if I follow the instructions on the page, I get a 404 error code

I have tried this on a Mac (using safari and Firefox) and a PC using IE and Firefox. Nothin

I went to the Theme Forest site to see if there is any way for them to help. Unfortunately, they are on a 19 day turnaround time. WHAT??? 19 days?

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get in to get the support I was supposed to get??


There may be an issue with the recent Irma destruction in Florida and lack of power in some areas. I will @ThemeFusion_Support to see if you can get a response here.


Thanks KingDog …

Hello tonycappelli,

All our systems are up and running, we have our normal amount of activity coming in per day and no reported issues.

I am not sure what would be wrong with your login, the account error page would mean there is no valid purchase code under your username. I checked your username and it does show the same result, see this:

Can you email with your purchase code so we can get this fixed for you?


You should just be able to go here: … and you’ll see a signup box like this on the right side highlighted in red:

Enter your purchase code there and follow the steps to sign up.

If that is not working, definitely email us and we’ll get you squared away.


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I did as you said. Then I got a message that said “the purchase code is already registered. If you want to add it to your settings, log in.”

Well, therein lies the problem.

Go to the site. The word “dismiss” is at the top of every page. I just want it removed. I have checked theme settings and I can’t find anything or any reason why it is there.

I have a meeting with my client tonight.

The other frustrating thing is that when I get to this page and hit the hyperlink, I get a 404 message. that takes me to

Kind of like a road to nowhere.

Hi Tony

That is not meant to be a link, the information on that page specifically says:

" In order that we can help you resolve this, please email your support username and Themeforest purchase code to:" [SIC]

Please email your info to this email address right now so that we can assist you ->

Thank you kindly

Just to refresh. On the website I am working on, the word “dismiss” shows up on the top right of every page. I don’t know what the problem is, but it’s driving me nuts.

Here is hopefully all the info you need.

(please don’t post private information on the forums)