Problem after Avada purchase

Dear team

I bought an Avada license but i did it as an unregistered user. after complettin my purchase i tried to log on my account but im not able to add my license (i alredy got a cosmetico license and im getting avada as a remplacement for it).

As Avada theme is not on my profile im not able to registere the key (token) on my web and activate fusion plugins.

I need help adding that license to my temeforest account. (i got my purchase code )


Would you be able to open a Help Ticket? Envato Help & Support Center.

I believe our Help Team will need to link the purchase to your account. Shouldn’t be a problem :smiley:


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Thank you very much for your quick answer


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Sorry…but after 3 days help support don´t understand my problem and the answers come really really slow this is really frustrating. I also tryed to ask for a refund but in my account isn´t included the theme (remember I bought it without being registered) and when you ask for a refund you only can do it with lt the list of items purchased with the account so I tryed to do it with a previous theme I bought with the same account but I explained all the problem about avada. The only answer I got was:
Hi, wrong author. This is not “Avada” theme, this is “Cosmetico”. I have no idea about your issue.
I raised a dispute explaining again but I don´t know what to do. Any idea?